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Course: Supporting Breastfeeding in Child Care Programs.
This course will introduce the importance of breastfeeding to children, mothers, and child care programs. Topics will include benefits of breastfeeding, risks of not breastfeeding, breastfeeding guidelines, and safe handling and storage of breast milk. Participants will identify ways for child care providers to support breastfeeding families. Participants will also learn strategies to improve breastfeeding promotion and support in both home and center-based child care settings. CDA Content Area 1 Core Competency Area VI Meets Parent Aware Training Requirement
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Start Date: 02/05/2013 End Date: 02/26/2013
Instructor: Holly Prestegaard
Schedule And Chat Session Info: Chat Sessions: Tuesdays from 7:00-7:45 p.m. CST. February 5, 12, 19 & 26 2013